I will miss my favorite crackers.

No more Ritz buttery crackers. They have high fructose corn syrup.

So do Keeblers Town House.

So I am reduced to putting Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers in my chili tomorrow. The chili is fine; my Mom made it from scratch.

Adieu to my beloved Wheat Thins too. I haven’t checked Triskets yet. I sure hope they’re OK. Mom’s cheese ball will never be the same without Wheat Thins but if I have to give up Triskets too, I don’t know what I’m going to spread her cheese ball on.

Does Julia Child have a recipe for wheat crackers?


2 Responses to I will miss my favorite crackers.

  1. Yes, sadly it seems that corn syrup is even in our tap water these days. And it’s probably worse for the body than petroleum. I quite enjoy http://us.wasa.com/

    It’s cheap, healthy, and the best part, Swedish.

    • mlaiuppa says:

      Yes, I’m familiar with Wasa crisp bread. I switched to them when Rye Krisp started putting caraway in their crackers.

      But Wasa isn’t the same as Ritz or Town House or even Wheat Thins. And I wouldn’t put Wasa in my chili.

      I don’t drink tap water. My one non-green indulgence is Fiji Water.

      Check your labels. Even your bologna has HFCS in it.

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