Go Kosher for a corn syrup free diet.

Yep. While not all foods that don’t have corn syrup in them are Kosher, apparently all Kosher foods are corn syrup free.

I just picked up some yoghurt today. Yoplait Yoplus+ Digestive. The ingredients list sugar and also Kosher gelatin, so I think this is a Kosher product. I was shopping at an Albertson’s in my old neighborhood (up the hill from the Vons I normally shop at) and really wanted some yogurt. But virtually all of it has corn syrup. But…they did have one of the healthy digestive ones that I’d never seen before. I don’t think my Vons carries it.

Some non-Kosher corn syrup free foods would be both Kraft and Best Foods REAL mayonaisse. Also the Vons brand “Organics” (with the big O) doesn’t have any corn syrup. Today I bought Tree Top’s “Trim” fruit juice. No corn syrup.

I also picked up some Kosher chocolate macaroons in the sale bin. Yummy!

If you’re in the hurry….just go Kosher.


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