It’s pervasive.

Corn syrup.

It’s in everything.

Today I have a cold. After a salt water gargle and some nasal spray I turn to Cold-Eeze; the throat lozenges with zinc that I take to help reduce my symptoms and duration of my cold.

I check the ingredients.

Yep. Corn syrup.

What is it with the U.S. and corn syrup. You don’t find corn syrup in foreign products. If they must use a sweetener, they use sugar. I’m beginning to think there’s no other reason for U.S. products to have corn syrup in them except for manufacturers being cheap and the U.S. government subsidizing the corn industry. Which it doesn’t need to do.

I won’t even get into the fertilizer/oil/global warming thing in regards to corn. Or the factory farms feed lot/ BGH/ antibiodic angle.

I don’t see why the feds have to subsidize any of these farmers. They aren’t farmers; they’re huge conglomerate corporations. We don’t need to subsidize Nabisco or Kellogg to grow corn. Or to up it in every product on the market.

I guess when this box is gone I’ll have to find another cold product. One without corn syrup.


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