Further fruitful research.

Vons had no lard at all. The Albertson’s up the hill did, but only Farmer John. I went to their site. They add BHT and citric acid. I don’t have issues with the citric acid but I do with the BHT. Also, Albertson’s did not have it in the refrigerated meat section. That means it’s hydrogenated. Also not good. So once I use this little box up, I’ll have to make my own. Which isn’t that difficult or time consuming. But it will be most of a day as I’ll have to rest every once in a while during the process.

Iowa Meat Farms does not have grass fed beef. But they *do* have free range chicken. Didn’t check on eggs from the free range chickens but they do have the actual chicken parts. They do not carry lard. But they do have hog fat backs. I can buy as many pounds as I like and render my own lard. I may do this at some point. I can pour it off into canning jars and even freeze it.

I’m pretty sure Henry’s has grass fed beef. When I go there I’ll also check on free range chickens and their eggs. And also about lard. Also Whole foods. And Windmill Farms. It could be there is a little boutique supplier of lard in the area. It may take some detectivework. I think it may also take a trip to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market which is much better than my own.

I’ve been subscribing to a little boutique local magazine called Edible San Diego. They list all of the Farmer’s Markets and their days and hours in addition to other neat stuff. All about eating local, restaurants, recipes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, etc. I believe it’s a local version of a nationwide edible network. Check it out.

In researching the lard it’s surprising how it’s making a comeback. Others are thinking along my lines. That Crisco, margarine, diet whatever, etc aren’t natural and probably aren’t good for us. And they’re going back to the old ingredients. Including lard. We have one family cookie recipe that must use lard unless you want to break a tooth on hockey pucks.

I bought enough groceries to last the week. At least a week’s worth of breakfast and lunches. And a few days of dinner too. I might make it until next weekend. Then I’ll have to seriously clean out the refrigerator of expired objects. And I’ll be making a list of what can and will not be purchased. Orangina out (corn syrup). Hansen’s soda in. (Natural sugar.) I’ll have to start making my own breakfast bars; can’t buy them anymore. (corn syrup).


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