Five months late, but better than.

I’ve made a decision. (A little late for New Year’s but what the heck.)

What’s bad for animals is also bad for me.

If it’s bad for cows and pigs to have a constant diet of corn and have to be pumped full of antibiotics to prevent disease because corn is an un-natural diet for them, it’s probably not good for me either.

I don’t eat a lot of kernel corn. An occasional cob. But….I understand that corn syrup is in a lot of stuff.

I’m going to start reading labels. The first thing to do is any soda or fruit juice that has high fructose corn syrup in it. I attended a meeting the other night and they had Hansen’s fruit soda there. No corn syrup. Sweetened with sugar. Now I know there are those that turn up their noses at sugar. And it’s not exactly natural. But it’s a whole lot better than high fructose corn syrup with is very un-natural. Honey is natural. Fruit is natural. They have fructose in them. So eating fructose isn’t un-natural. But whatever they do to corn to make sugar out of it probably is. I’m fine with natural sugar. I’ll deal with that later.

But for now, no more margarine. I’m going back to butter and just using a little. No more corn syrup. Natural sugar and honey but cutting back on it. No more artificial food products designed to fix whatever. Low fat generally means they pump up the sodium. So I’m not going to eat low fat anymore either. Just… less of the regular stuff. I’d love to start cooking again and making my own “frozen dinners” and baking bread again. But that’s going to have to wait for work to slow down. Maybe I can make a start this summer.

But I can stop consuming high fructose corn syrup now. If it’s on the label, it’s not going in my shopping cart.


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